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Aug 24 2006


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What is TNBC?

TNBC stands for Thursday Night Beer Club. We're a fun-loving, diverse group of goofballs in Winston Salem, NC that enjoy hanging out over a cold brew or two on any given Thursday evening. TNBC began in Winston Salem in Spring 2004 with a couple people and has grown to over 60 members today. Click below to read more about TNBC's roots.

» How TNBC Began

How does TNBC work?

The new TNBC uses a voting system to determine where the next TNBC will be held. Members may vote once per day and every Tuesday the location with the most votes will be assigned as that week's TNBC location.

» TNBC Voting System

Where is TNBC held?

TNBC is held at pubs and restaurants in and around Winston Salem, NC. We have restaurant reviews that include the number of times a TNBC has been held there, food and drink reviews, and more. Click below to find out more.

» TNBC Locations

Where will TNBC be this week?

This week's TNBC location is determined by you! That is, if you remember to vote. Head on over to the beer booth and VOTE :).

Join TNBC!

Want to join our group? Click the link below to sign up. Choose a username and enter your email address. You will receive an email with a confirmation link and temporary login. Use the link or temporary login data to log in, and then click your username under "Who's Online" at left, click "edit," and choose your own password. Now you can vote for next week's TNBC location, review and comment on restaurants, and more :)

» Join TNBC!

How do I subscribe to content?

Receive email notifications! You can subscribe to just about anything on - discussions, comments, newsletters - and receive an email instantly, daily, or whenever you choose.

» Email Notifications revealed

How do I find my way around this site? What, for example, is the "chatbox"? And what does "bookmark/ search" do? Read "TNBC Revealed" to discover everything that is possible on the new TNBC, and more.

» Revealed

Next TNBC location

At the right you'll notice a box entitled "Next TNBC Location," with three location "contenders" and their corresponding votes. This is a realtime running tally of the votes that have been cast, with the winner on top. Every Wednesday morning the location with the most number of votes gets selected.

TNBC reminders

I recommend you sign up for TNBC newsletters using the "subscribe" button in the "TNBC Reminders" box below "Next TNBC Location" on the right-hand side of your screen. You can sign up to all TNBC newsletters, as well as be notified of replies to your comments, by editing your subscriptions (also listed as "my subscriptions" in your account menu). Learn more about subscriptions in the tips section on Email Notifications.

Voting rules

Currently there are no restrictions as to how many times an event may occur, so if you get tired of the same ol' TNBC spot get off yo' ass and vote! Everyone is assigned 1 vote per day, for a total of 7 per week. You may not, of course, sign up under different user names and submit multiple votes. Also, if a location is shut down or goes out of business the runner-up will be chosen as that week's winner. The closed location will be removed from the voting list the following week.

TNBC location reviews

TNBC locations (pubs and restaurants) are open for you to review and comment on! Simply click on a location in the list at left to access that location's page, where you will have the option of voting for the location as well as submitting comments and your own review.

Suggest new locations

Don't see your location on the list? No problem - simply suggest it to us and after reviewing it we will add it to the list :)

Beer Talk

TNBC forums = beer talk! Feel free to post anything you like, related or unrelated to our fizzy yellow friend. To get you started, why does banana make beer fizz? Enter beer talk for the exciting answer! :)

» Beer Talk